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a parafictional

The series A Parafictional Narrative depicts how we piece together the real and imagined coping with distress caused by changes in our surroundings. This is known as solastalgia: the familiar has not entirely disappeared, but the remainder is not wholly recognisable. The source material is ripped and divided to create new scenes on the brink of the familiar. 


This series was created in response to a 250-step climb up a cathedral spire during the Edition/Basel residency. When climbing circular staircases in darkness, we are led up to
the unknown and back down towards the deep, the familiar. Solastalgia makes one pause to consider what feels safe and what feels strange. Single plates were inked up with multiple colours (à la poupée).


This series was designed to function as fictional archaeological discoveries: small jewels concealed within minimalist surprise boxes. Photographs were
collected of nature rebelling against human presence; whether it be weeds growing from cracks in the concrete or remaining beautiful in stages of decay. The etching process perpetually captures a moment in danger of being eradicated.

Sensory Solastalgia

This series explored our psychological response to solastalgia. Solastalgia is the emotional or existential distress response we have when our environment- be it our hometown or planet changes. These changes are usually gradual, until a day when we walk around and realise nothing seems familiar anymore. To cope, we use our fragmented memories to create safe havens which are a blend between imaginary and real. Combining the wood workshop
and the printmaking lab, I explored place-based memory in places that are intricately linked to my own
sense of place.

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